Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Local Management serves as an example of M2M automation in a world without standard platforms

As an automation platform, Uplogix performs basic
network monitoring and management actions
for just about any device.
While the “Internet of things” is gaining steam in popular culture with promises of transforming the world as we know it, one of the key hurdles to widespread adoption is the necessity of standards. Uplogix Local Management is an example of an M2M solution that works in a technology space (network management) where there are a large number of vendors, devices and proprietary operating systems.

A recent article on Channel Partners Online stated that standardization is the key to capitalizing on M2M platforms. It calls for adaptable technologies that will complement communications service providers (CSPs) existing networks. Industry leaders AT&T and Verizon both offer platforms for M2M development, but still require customers to commit to one network or another.

An example of an adaptable technology already working in M2M is the Uplogix platform. Connecting to devices for networking like routers, switches, firewalls, etc.; communications gear like satellite modems and antenna controllers; and really any device with a console port, Uplogix manages devices from different vendors and reports into third-party dashboards and management systems. A console connection is a base level input to a device provided for troubleshooting by a technician.

By providing an intelligent machine (the Uplogix Local Manager or LM) with onboard processing, storage and a configurable rules engine access through the console port, Uplogix is able to operate in “Native Mode” where the LM automatically manages a device for the most common issues that tend to cause the bulk of downtime cases. Uplogix provides automated monitoring and device recovery as well as secure remote access for human technicians to intervene when needed.

This type of M2M management delivered by Uplogix combines automation with capabilities to serve as a remote toolbox for technicians is a requirement for scaling the Internet of things in the near term as even broader standards are developed and implemented.

For more information on Uplogix M2M management, please visit Uplogix.com/M2M.