Uplogix: Admin in a Box for the Now-Critical Edge

July 13, 2021

Written by Uplogix

Uplogix’ latest feature in Intellyx describes how our smart, out-of-band management approach helps resolve failures and keep your network infrastructure up and running.

Article Preview

For as long as organizations have been deploying technology to run their operations, what we now call “the edge” has been a challenge. Whether it was warehouses, distributions centers, or small regional offices, keeping that technology running — and most challenging, resolving failures — has been the stuff of infrastructure sleepless nights for decades. With the advent of IoT and edge computing, those uncomfortable nights are morphing into full-fledged nightmares.

Uplogix has developed a smart, out-of-band management approach that it thinks can help solve this problem for good. The company’s solution is a combination of hardware and software that connects via the console port of an edge network deployment and monitors the edge infrastructure stack for signs of disruption... 


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