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Preparing your network to deal with current events

By | March 2nd, 2022

When it comes to cybersecurity current events definitely factor into decision making. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, cybersecurity threat levels have risen worldwide to be prepared for any potential “spillover” effects or escalations beyond the Ukrainian borders. Here’s what experts are saying you should keep[...]

Secure access + more for your Internet of [insert industry here] Things

By | February 7th, 2022

The request from a customer was relatively simple: out-of-band access to connect through Uplogix to a medical device to securely move data from the machine to a database. While it might not be the most exciting application of Uplogix out-of-band management capabilities, the request is indicative of a key issue the[...]

Out-of-Band: a Solution for New TSA Regulations on Pipeline Cybersecurity

By | November 18th, 2021

Recent regulations release by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) addressing pipeline cyber asset security have many in the energy sector scrambling to identify and lock down their critical operational technologies (OT). These OT systems include control systems like SCADA, process control systems (PCS),[...]

Uplogix: enabling better vacations for IT professionals since 2004 

By | August 2nd, 2021

As the summer progresses, record numbers of travelers are hitting the road and airports for long-delayed vacations. It’s quite possible some of these travelers are network admins breaking free (briefly) of their solemn obligations to keep network infrastructure up and running at optimal levels. Uplogix is here to[...]

The DarkSide of ransomware hits pipeline network

By | May 25th, 2021

It was just three days after May the 4th (be with you), when Colonial Pipeline felt the power of the DarkSide. This story about the hacking of a major component of US infrastructure has followed a number of turns as more information has been revealed to the public.

WFH: Alerts driven by in-rack service level tests

By | December 7th, 2020

Adam Thompson shows some easy alerts he’s created in the Uplogix Control Center to monitor HQ gear and alert based on automated service level testing of web services and call quality. These let him better manage gear from home.