CEO of Uplogix, Lisa Frankovitch, interviewed on the Future of IT Management

May 28, 2021
Caitlin Staib

Written by Caitlin Staib

Caitlin Staib is the Marketing and Sales Operations Manager at Uplogix, Inc.


Lisa Frankovitch shares the growing importance of network automation, her adventures before Uplogix, the meaning behind the Uplogix name, and more in her latest feature on Grit Daily.


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The great irony of the typical organizational IT department is that the technicians do so much of their work manually. “Fifty-six percent of of network outages are caused by human error, but 70% of IT tasks are still manual. That math doesn’t work and is not sustainable,” said Lisa Frankovitch, CEO of Uplogix, an Austin based tech company that has developed automated network IT management and troubleshooting to work with human technicians.

The U.S. National Vulnerability Database lists more than 100,000 issues that can undermine network security. The National Security Agency recently recommended separating network management from traffic on the network, or “out-of-band,” which is precisely what the Uplogix technology does.

We asked Frankovitch about her career, the future of network security, and the growing role of automation in network security...

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