It's Dangerous to Deploy Alone: How Uplogix Helps You Get Up and Running

April 22, 2021
Daniel Verastiqui

Written by Daniel Verastiqui

Daniel Verastiqui is the Director of Client Services and Corporate Communications at Uplogix, Inc.

If you subscribe to the many-worlds interpretation set forth by Hugh Everett in 1957, then there would have to exist a version of reality in which you purchase an Uplogix Local Manager for each of your 5,000 datacenters and once the product is delivered, we stop answering the phone. In this bleak reflection of our universe, you’re left alone to figure out how to deploy a powerful and highly configurable solution in a secure, efficient manner. Maybe the stress is too much, and you turn to sugar and video games for self-care. Before you know it, you’re chugging Mountain Dew at 3:00 a.m. and trying to figure out a way into the Nether. Meanwhile, your Local Managers sit in their boxes in the warehouse, watching helplessly as your network goes unmanaged.

Skilled Professional

Thankfully, we all live in this reality where the post-purchase experience at Uplogix involves guidance and assistance through every stage of your deployment. The same team of skilled professionals who walked you through your Proof of Concept will now do the same with your deployment through planning, implementation, and training.

Today, we’ll take a look at what you can expect when you deploy with Uplogix.

Discovery & Design

An Uplogix deployment always kicks off with a discovery call. Although we may have just spent a month learning about your environment during your Proof of Concept, we’ll take this opportunity to reset and figure out how best to integrate the Uplogix solution with your existing infrastructure. We’ll cover topics like AAA and how to hook into your TACACS, RADIUS, or LDAP servers. We’ll architect the out-of-band solution and detail the transport method, APNs, VPNS, firewalls, routing, and more. When it comes to security, we will help organize your user base into groups and assign them appropriate roles.

An excerpt from the Uplogix Deployment Checklist

An excerpt from the Uplogix Deployment Checklist

There is so much preparation that can be done before product even ships, and the primary goal of the discovery call is to get the customer thinking about everything that needs to be set up prior to deployment. For example, we’ll need IP addresses, subnet masks, and default gateways for every Local Manager not using DHCP. Once online, we’ll want to configure them with addresses of your DNS, NTP, syslog, and AAA servers. If using a Virtual Uplogix Control Center, the necessary files will need to be downloaded and deployed to a VM server before software configuration can take place.

In short, you tell us what we’re integrating with, and we’ll tell you what we need to make that happen.

Installation & Configuration

Customers are often surprised when they ask the question what do I do when I receive the product and we answer with you call me on my personal cell phone and I’ll help you set it up. Prior to COVID, Uplogix engineers would go onsite to assist, sometimes physically installing Local Managers in racks and cabling them up to managed devices. Being onsite allows us to train technicians responsible for installation and configuration on best practices and common problems, enabling them to finish out the rest of their deployment with remote help.

Need us to put on a hard hat and climb a cargo net onto your boat? We can do that.

Need us to put on a hard hat and climb a cargo net onto your boat? We can do that.

For customers looking to add more process to their Uplogix deployment, we can also assist in the generation of a deployment runbook, a detailed set of instructions specific to your environment that you can use to scale your rollout. If you have other documentation requirements, for example, a testing guide for your security team, we can help with that too.

Our goal is to make your deployment as efficient as possible. If that means we go on-site to put systems in racks or write an evaluation guide for your solution acceptance team, then that’s what we’ll do.

User Training

Once your Uplogix solution is deployed, configured, and running smoothly, it’s time to get the rest of your team up to speed. This can be done onsite or remotely depending on the state of worldwide pandemics, but more often than not, we’ll run through training modules using WebEx or Microsoft Teams. We’ll introduce your team to the solution, show them how it works, and cover the features they will be using day-to-day. We’ll touch on topics like security, out-of-band, monitoring, and advanced automation. Training can be as short as one hour or follow a weekly cadence until all questions have been answered.

Upgrading via the CLI, from Uplogix 101

Upgrading via the CLI, from Uplogix 101

While we have our own training sequence we like to use, starting with Uplogix 101 and going into more advanced topics like Rule Creation and Enhanced Drivers, we can always go off-script and cover the topics that matter most to you and your team. Want to walk through integrating Local Managers with Splunk or how to enable port pass-through so you can bypass the Local Manager system resource when connecting to a manage device? We’re happy to help with that.

The last thing we want is for anyone on your team to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by this new addition to the network. Through training and ongoing support, we’ll make your users feel right at home with Uplogix.

You’re Not Alone

We’re fortunate to live in a version of reality where service is just as important as product. What’s the point of an out-of-band management solution if no one is going to make sure it works for you and meets your expectations? Why would you go with a different option if technical support is limited or non-existent? Your relationship with Uplogix begins with the first phone call and continues through the life of the deployment. From product introduction to proof of concept, from deployment to business as usual, through software upgrades and hardware refreshes, we’re always there to help you.

We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’re happy to share our expertise and guidance with every new member of the Uplogix family.

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