Out-of-Band Management: Best Practices in Government Networks

May 26, 2021

Written by Uplogix

Network security is a constant challenge for federal agencies and the military. Add on providing high service levels at remote locations—whether it’s a lights-out data center, a regional office, or a remote battlefield—made tougher by the lack of onsite IT support staff to monitor, troubleshoot and fix network problems when they occur. Traditional management tools rely on the network add people to manage network devices, making it costly and time-consuming.

It’s always difficult to balance the critical tasks of security and uptime, but many government networks have additional requirements regarding certifications of equipment on the network. Here are just a few examples of how an automated out-of-band management platform can increase the security, efficiency, and productivity of federal government networks:

Minimizing Unplanned Outages and Human Error

According to a survey of thousands of IT professionals conducted by The Uptime Institute, “the vast majority of data center failures are caused by human error, from 70 percent to 75 percent.” Unplanned outages put networks at risk. Not only does it pull IT resources towards one direction, but it also means problem-solving must take place in a high-pressure situation. Unfortunately, due to the urgency associated with an unplanned outage, mistakes can happen, and steps skipped or missed, thereby compounding the issue. When routine tasks are automated, best practices are followed every time and the opportunity for human error is removed from at least part of the overall picture.

The Triple-A of Network Security

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting – an out-of-band management platform works with your existing access controls to verify that the right people get in, where they go, and what they did. This tracking and reporting is ideal for problem-solving, enforcing best practices for compliance, and logging changes essential for restoring previous device states.

Proactive Monitoring from the User’s Perspective

This capability in an automated out-of-band management platform enables network IT professionals to spot trends within the network path that can potentially impact network quality performance. For instance, declines in VoIP call quality can be detected with automated testing across the call path. With an automated out-of-band management platform you can be alerted for proactive manual intervention or enable automated responses to perform maintenance before the reduction in quality becomes an issue for users.

Collaboration Among IT professionals Working On-site, at Home or Remotely

Remote access via out-of-band and a central platform to maintain network infrastructure plays a critical part in keeping networks continuously operational. An automated out-of-band management platform is particularly beneficial in enabling teams that maintain networks throughout the world, especially in locations where IT professionals are not physically available.

An automated out-of-band management platform is in a position to benefit many network functions unavailable or untrusted with other network management tools that improve network performance and security while instrumenting best practices.

At Uplogix, we have long-standing relationships with both civilian and military federal government agencies and deployments in locations worldwide. In addition to our out-of-band management platform, our federal clients also appreciate that Uplogix is built and coded in the US and our 24/7/365 support team is US-based as well.

To evaluate the capabilities available through our automated out-of-band management platform, request a demo to see how efficient and effective it is for your government office or agency.


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