The Cannata Report | Disruptive Tech: Tracking Offline Office IT Trends

August 04, 2021

Written by Uplogix

Article Preview:

Overview: Dubbed a “network administrator in a box,” Uplogix is highly secure, artificial intelligence that anticipates and fixes computer network issues remotely, 24/7, using patented alternate-route, out-of-band technology. Uplogix sets in every rack of computer gear, running network health checks 2x per minute on large enterprise networks. It deploys remotely to anticipate, triage, and fix network blips, seamlessly and in real time. Everything is stored and encrypted on hard drives.

AI can be used ethically to improve healthcare and mitigate risk—even to overcome the stigma of mental-health issues. Robotics, electric vehicles, and even “deep-fake” videos employ the technology. In a network-enterprise context, AI deployed remotely can eliminate dreaded downtime often caused by human error.

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