What to Expect When You're Evaluating: The Uplogix Proof of Concept

June 30, 2021
Daniel Verastiqui

Written by Daniel Verastiqui

Daniel Verastiqui is the Director of Client Services and Corporate Communications at Uplogix, Inc.

When I walk into a car dealership, there’s always this awkward exchange when I have to convince the salesperson that I’m not there to hear their pitch about how great the Onyx GT7 is, or what kind of gas mileage it gets, or how they’re throwing in a backup camera that’s been required by law since 2018 for “free.” I’m only there for one thing: the test drive. I’ve already done my research online, compared the competitors, and narrowed my choices down. All I want now are the keys so I can get that bad boy out on the open road and see if it fits my fast and furious driving style.

At Uplogix, we know how important it is to put a new product through its paces before making any purchasing decisions. That’s why, despite all of our fancy website graphics, detailed whitepapers, and virtual demo environments, we still believe in getting physical product into your lab so you can see how it works with your equipment. Nothing is going to convince you of the Uplogix Local Manager’s power like seeing it handle both your new ASR 9000 and aging Cat4K on your home field.

Here's what you can expect during your Uplogix evaluation.


There are so many features in the Uplogix solution that it would be impossible to evaluate them all in a reasonable amount of time. What we focus on instead are specific needs (pain points, current challenges, etc.). This is akin to the dealership asking, “What are you looking for in a car?” Do you need a commuter to get you back and forth from the office each day? Or maybe a van to ferry the kids to soccer practice? We ask the same questions about your network environment.

Is your current out-of-band solution unreliable? Do you need to step up security and become FIPS 140-3 compliant? Are you not getting great support from the makers of your current remote management solution?

During the discovery phase, we’ll help you choose 3-5 features that we can focus on proving out, such as:

  • Automation
    • Configuration backup / recovery
    • Monitoring / alerting
    • ROMMON recovery
    • Power control
  • Out-of-band
    • Automatic failover
    • Cellular performance
    • Dial-in / Dial-out access
    • VPN compatibility
  • Security
    • Third-party AAA integration
    • Granular authorization
    • Users / Groups configuration
    • Auditing / Session Logs
  • Support
    • Online documentation
    • Technical support (available throughout Proof of Concept)
    • Consultation services

Hands-on Approach

Knowing what we’ll be evaluating helps us figure out what to ship to your lab. Most often, we’ll use our flagship, modular LM83X, populated with both serial and Ethernet cards. We’ll also include a cellular or v.92 modem depending on which out-of-band strategy you intend to implement. Not sure which? We can send both. Who knows? Maybe you’ll need a mix throughout your deployment.

Once gear arrives at your office, you’ll typically have 30-60 days to spin the tires. That should be more than enough time to get it racked and connected to your lab equipment. If you’ve opted for a cellular out-of-band channel, we’ll save you some time by sending an activated SIM card already in the chassis. Our goal is to get your lab up and running as quickly as possible so you can get the most out of the evaluation period.

But it doesn’t end there.

Guided Proof of Concept

We don’t just send you a Local Manager, point you at the documentation, and say best of luck. From the moment you decide to evaluate Uplogix, we’ll assign you a Sales Engineer who will be with you through the proof of concept, eventual deployment, and ultimately a “business as usual” state. Even then, your SE won’t be more than a phone call away.

To prove our solution solves your current problems, the Sales Engineer will work with you on the installation and initial setup. Once an environment has been created, they will start walking through the 3-5 pain points identified earlier, showing you exactly how the Local Manager will help alleviate or outright solve each problem. All of this can be done remotely or on-site, based on your preference.

Think of it like an extended demo but with your network gear instead of ours. 

Evaluating Support

Having an active Proof of Concept with Uplogix gets you immediate access to the Technical Support team. If you’ve been burned by bad customer service in the past, this is an excellent time to experience our responsiveness, helpfulness, and all-out customer advocacy. From simple questions like what’s the default password to more involved assistance with enabling FIPS mode, the Uplogix Support team will be standing by to help out 24/7/365. Send us an email, call our support line; I guarantee you’ll reach a friendly tech who will help you out with anything you need.

As the Director of Client Services, I may have been a bit biased in that previous paragraph, but I really do think it is important to evaluate a company’s customer support prior to investing in their products. It’s not even about complexity of the product; it’s being able to call at 3:00 a.m. because you forgot the command for disabling Pulse.

Uplogix Support is more focused on consultation than break/fix, and I encourage prospective customers to experience that for themselves during their evaluation.

Future Benefits

The nice thing about an Uplogix Proof of Concept is that everything we did during the POC rolls over into the deployment. Your Sales Engineer has learned a lot about your environment and internal processes, and they will use that information to plan out a smooth deployment. From out-of-band channels to AAA integration to realizing we’ll need to do a software upgrade on your VPN server to support IKEv2—gathering all that detail means fewer surprises when it comes time to do the install.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, and the same goes for the Uplogix Local Manager. Let us send you one for your lab. Hook it up. See the automation first-hand. Try a few nights of peaceful sleep knowing we’re monitoring your network gear.

I promise you’re going to love this ride.


Ready to get started? Drop me a note at hello@uplogix.com and we’ll get things rolling!

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