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August 02, 2021
Billy Moran

Written by Billy Moran

As the summer progresses, record numbers of travelers are hitting the road and airports for long-delayed vacations. It’s quite possible some of these travelers are network admins breaking free (briefly) of their solemn obligations to keep network infrastructure up and running at optimal levels. Uplogix is here to support the travel and leisure of these dedicated network warriors taking some well-earned R&R and PTO. Here is how to take a better vacation with Uplogix, and if you are waiting on a flight, see how many of these travel slogans you recognize. 

Travel with someone you trust1 

Uplogix has been going beyond out-of-band for nearly two decades. With the most advanced out-of-band platform on the market, we combine the secure access of a console server with network management software that’s running in the rack with network infrastructure. This means that Uplogix operates independently of the network itself, continuously monitoring routers, switches, firewalls… Really anything with a console port can be managed with automated runbook actions standing ready to take recovery actions based on that local monitoring data. So even when you are out-of-office, Uplogix is hard at work. 

Leave the driving to us2 

The core of Uplogix automation is that it works just like a network admin whether the network is up or down. Utilizing a functional user ID, an Uplogix Local Manager logs in over the console port and runs standard commands, then the resulting output is collected and parsed locally to evaluate device state. In addition to gathering device data, qualitative network measurements can be accurately gathered from a true user perspective because Uplogix is onsite and also on the network. These service level tests also aid in automated troubleshooting.  

Admins benefit from Uplogix doing complicated actions in the background to simplify multiple steps into a single click instead of performing repetitive tasks over and over or writing custom scripts that must be maintained and secured. 

Fly the friendly skies3 

While you’re On the Road Again, you might be like a band of gypsies and the best of friends, but the Internet is more like a grimy truck stop bathroom. Uplogix keeps you safe and secure using features originally designed for financial and defense customers that are now common across most industries.  

Uplogix is a secure, closed appliance. The underlying Linux OS does not have root access, which eliminates threat vectors possible with an open console server. Beyond the separation from the OS, the Uplogix platform is FIPS 140-2 Level Two Certified — not just a component of the solution like a FIPS-certified Open SSL library. 

Out-of-band connections are secure as well. Uplogix maintains and enforces AAA with granular authorization and logging (session, change, and event) capabilities regardless of the state of the network.  

Don’t leave home without it4 

Actually, the point of this article is to leave home! Travel with confidence knowing that Uplogix is continuously monitoring your gear and can take initial runbook steps when there are issues. What would you do first when a problem is spotted? That’s what Uplogix will do. If those initial steps don’t fix everything, we can notify your ticketing software for some human intervention. Do you have a small network team, or everyone is out-of-office too? No problem, we can even send you an SMS message alert and securely connect you from the road as if you were onsite. At the least, we can minimize the disruption to your vacation. 

So get out there this summer and leave (most) of the network driving to us. You are now free to move about the country5. 



Travel Slogan Answers 

1 – AAA, the American Automobile Association 

2 – Greyhound Bus Lines 

3 – United Airlines 

4 – American Express 

5 – Southwest Airlines 

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