Why Use Out-Of-Band for Enterprise Network Management

May 20, 2021

Written by Uplogix

Did you know that 7 out of 10 organizations experience at least one crisis once every five years? The good news is that companies can overcome network disruptions and outages through automated out-of-band solutions. At its core, out-of-band network management is a modern approach to manage and control critical remote IT network equipment and assets.

Out-of-band management uses a secure connection and another interface that separates the primary network. It means administrators can get access to network control and check infrastructure issues. But when a remote device is offline or the network falls apart, it becomes urgent for IT administrators to connect hardware and bring back normal operations.

It is the reason secure automated out-of-band network management solutions have become so essential. The NSA recently published guidelines and agree that out-of-band network management is the perfect alternative to connect to remote gear such as switches, services, and routers through effective network management.

Key Reasons to Use Automated Out-Of-Band Management for Enterprise Network Management

Immediate Response Action

One of the best aspects of an automated out-of-band management is that it allows IT professionals to detect issues in the network that may impact an entire network’s performance. Through out-of-band management, you will be able to spot the reduced quality of VoIP calls and ensure automated testing throughout the call path.

Managing day-to-day network infrastructure manually is no longer practical. Fortunately, automated out-of-band network management allows you to be more proactive and alert to intervene at any moment. It will also help you roll out automated responses to conduct network maintenance before the reduced quality of calls becomes a major problem. With secure remote access and out-of-band management connectivity, you can always reach out to your equipment.

Internal Security

Internal security is as important as external security. With new tech advancements, organizations in different industries have to grapple with an increased rate of breaches and cyber threats. When your administration ports are connected to the network in the event of an attack, attackers can get access to your IT infrastructure.

But when you connect the same port to an automated out-of-band network management system, attackers cannot access the LAN, and that means no direct access to equipment. Essentially, automated out-of-band separates the management and user traffic. As a result, IT professionals can restrict access, focus on specific network areas, and secure the entire management plane.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Industries have specific standards in place to ensure network resilience. But whether you want to document AAA (Access, Authentication & Accounting), lock down on personal information, ensure data transit encryption, an automated out-of-band management solution can align with your existing network access and controls.

In fact, an automated out-of-band network management solution can authenticate the right individuals and monitor the same individuals and their activities. In 2021, tracking and reporting are crucial to solve problems, log critical adjustments to restore the state of previous devices, and enforce standardized compliance practices.

Consequences due to Human Error

One survey by the Uptime Institute proves that more than 70% of data center failures occur due to human error. It means unplanned and unexpected outages put networks at high risk. With a data center failure, organizations have no choice but to move IT resources in one direction.

The urgency to resolve unplanned outages often leads to more mistakes. With human intervention, crucial steps can be skipped intentionally or missed accidentally. When you automate your routine tasks and follow best industry practices at every turn, you can eliminate human error altogether.

Final Thoughts

Automated out-of-band network management has become the answer to move past the traditional manually intensive methods. Automated out-of-band is also the answer to save your team from endless routine tasks. Through automated out-of-band management, enterprises can protect their valuable devices, network, and data 24/7.

If you want to transition from traditional to automated out-of-band network management, visit Uplogix to learn about its team’s capabilities and expertise. Request a demo now.


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